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Krabi Sightseeing Guide
Sightseeing in Krabi is an enchanting activity as it gives you the opportunity to discover Thailand, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. The beauty of Krabi lies in the serenity of Phi Phi Island, the relaxing beach resorts of Koh Lanta and the stunning scenery of Railay beach and Ao Nang. When you are planning for sightseeing in Krabi, then, include popular trips from Ao Nang and Railay.

If you prefer to spend a day on dry land, there are many sight-seeing activities on the mainland. A day wandering around Krabi Town is a great way to get an insight into Thai culture, with its bustling morning market - the biggest in southern Thailand, pretty riverside walk and hundreds of little shops. This is also the place to come if you want to sample some authentic southern cuisine.

Another popular option in Krabi sightseeing schedule is planning a day trip to the Phi Phi Islands from Krabi. In fact these options of excursion in Krabi are highly recommended by the travel experts. One can also visit Ko Lanta from Krabi and from there head on to the islands of Koh Rok, renowned for their crystal clear waters and a memorable snorkeling experience.

Nearby, many small limestone islands offer a chance to peek into an amazing underwater world and neighbouring national parks boast hot springs and crystal pools.

The best way to save time from island hopping is to pre-arrange some of Krabi Sightseeing Tours. Krabi Attractions are mostly nature-based, offering powdery beaches, stunning coral reefs, scenic large and small islands and lush forests with caves and waterfalls. A list of Half and Full Day Krabi Tours to Phi Phi Islands, Phang Nga Bay, Mangrove Forests and more are available below;
Historic Buildings
Lanta Old Town
Lanta Old Town
Lanta Old Town captures the most special character or 'soul' of Ko Lanta. Many houses and shops are built on stilts, rambling out over the sea, and the 100 year old, teak-wood-lined streets remain home to a cosmopolitan mix of Thai-Chinese, Thai-Buddhist, Thai-Muslim, Chao-Lay (Sea Gypsies) and a growing community of western residents.

Lanta Old Town retains the natural charm and friendliness of rural Thailand combined with a cultural richness and diversity not found in many other places.

Experience the magic of Lanta Old Town, on the east coast of Lanta Island - where life goes on, virtually unchanged, much as it has done for the last 100 years.
Marinas / Yacht Havens
Port Takola Marina Krabi
Port Takola Marina Krabi
A fertile land, Krabi was destined to be, over the course of time, a sea port, an international trade centre, a treasure trove for fortune seekers, a shelter from wind and waves for sea vessels, and finally, a place where cultures and civilization could exchange and blend.

Today, the physical geography of Krabi offers its many visitors from around the world a wide range of natural resources. Lush jungles – green year - round – capture the essence of a tropical rainforest. From the West coast to the province’s Eastern borders, crisp, gray formations of limestone attract the attention of adventure lovers with grottos, caves, and steep cliffs.

Offshore, the secluded beaches of many beautiful islands, surrounded by clear waters with brightly colored reef fish, appeal to the romantic explorer in each and everyone of us. The gentle sea breezes of the Andaman Sea – sometimes cool, at other times warm – can bring you a special kind if welcome to this spectacular destination.
Sea Crab Monument
Sea Crab Monument
Anywhere in Thailand, monuments were either built to honor former monarchs or personalities with great contribution to the land, but here in Krabi, they broke the new ground by building Monument to the Sea Crab, Monument to the Eagle, Monument to the Elephant, and Monument to the Ape-men holding traffic lights. The explanation are, Sea Crab signifies the fertility of the mangrove forest, the Eagle signifies wide vision, the Elephant reminds of the White Elephant of the Reign, discovered in Krabi, and the ape-man represents Krabi, another name for ape, signifying that Krabi is a significant prehistoric site in Thailand.
Fossil Museum of Krabi Power Plant
Fossil Museum of Krabi Power Plant
Krabi is a southern province of Thailand located at the shore of the Andaman Sea. This city cherishes the pride of being one of the the country's oldest populated settlement. Thailand, on the other hand is one of the only Southeast Asian countries that has never been colonized. The Krabi Museums preserve the rich past of the city.

The historical evidences designate the city of Krabi as a part of the Ligor Kingdom. During the rule of King Rama the Fifth, Krabi was under the sole control of a governor. The displays in Krabi museum bear testimony to the rich heritage of the Thai province. Therefore a visit to the different museums in Krabi will surly enriches you with a rich memorabilia. Along with the itinerary of visiting the museums in Krabi, one can also stroll down the quaint streets of the city and explore the beautiful beaches along the Andaman Sea.

Apart from visiting the Krabi museums and watching the national parks, there are innumerable other things to do in Krabi . One can also go for the ample opportunities available, such as, a deep dive or shallow snorkeling among the fascinating coral reefs.
Natural Attractions
Sa Morakot (Emerald Pool)
Sa Morakot (Emerald Pool)
Krabi is an ideal getaway destination teeming with natural attractions including white sandy beaches, fascinating coral reefs, numerous large and small islands and verdant forests with caves and waterfalls is well complimented by the turquoise waters of the sea teeming with a colourful marine life, exotic islands and stunning sand beaches. There is a plethora of things to see and do on in Krabi. If you are planning a visit to Krabi.
Parks / National Parks
Hat Noppharat Thara - Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park
Phi Phi Viewpint at Hat Noppharat Thara
Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park
The Krabi National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries form a significant part of the natural wealth of Thailand. The National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Krabi also create an extensive base for the tourists round the world. Along with the nearby islets with their secluded beaches and picturesque scenery, the Krabi National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuary will surely make your vacation a perfect getaway to happiness. The experience of trekking on mountainous crags and winding valleys in and around Krabi is also equally enjoyable.

Krabi has four national parks to enjoy. The Khao Sok is a rainforest habitat with a large variety of birds and animals, and is a popular for day trippers and campers. Than Bokkhorani features natural springs, limestone cliffs, and a lot of (real) monkey play. Pa Tung Tieo is south of Krabi and is a lowland rainforest. The last national park's name is probably longer than the park is wide: Hat Nopharat Thara-Mu Ko Phi Phi. Forget trying to say it, just visit the beaches and beauty it encompasses. Many parts of this park are only accessible by boat, so hire a guide and sail away.

Take time also to discover the many National Parks such as Khao Phanom Bencha and Khao Nor Chu and the hot springs, wildlife sanctuaries, limestone cliffs and sea caves.
Religious Sites
Kaeo Krowaram Temple
Kaeo Krowaram Temple
Temples and mosques (or 'wat' and 'masa-yit', as they are called in Thai) are more than just places of worship. They are at the very heart of the local community they represent, providing guidance and education, as well as a social centre for festivals, ceremonies and charitable events.

Temples in particular are also a focus for artistic endeavour. Even in the most humble, you will find unique examples of architecture, sculpture, painting and decorative arts and crafts. Most local temples and all mosques are, however, off limits for tourists - unless invited specifically to visit by a local person. Please respect this.

There are a number of temples open to visitors, the most interesting of which is Wat Tham Seua, or Tiger Cave Temple. Set in a beautiful forest, the temple is in fact a famous meditation centre.

There are a small number of cultural attractions, monasteries and temples in the provinces of Krabi. The entrance fee to local attractions is usually very reasonable, with some offering free admission. Often there are two fees, one for Thais and another more expensive fee for visitors to Thailand. A Thai driver's licence can sometimes allow a foreign resident in Thailand to pay the lower Thai fee. Temples are usually free but donations are always welcomed.
Theatres / Concert Halls
The Maharat Theater
The Maharat Theater
There is a multiplex cinema in the Tesco Lotus, Maharat Theatre Krabi, and Major Cineplex Krabi of Krabi Town, though the offerings are Thai and only the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, most of which are dubbed into Thai; the local movie theatre in Krabi Town shows all foreign movies dubbed into Thai. But you will find plenty of stalls selling the latest Hollywood releases, plus some American and British TV series on DVD.
Miracle mist over Krabi (Viewpoint Koa Ngon Nak)
Miracle mist over Krabi
(Viewpoint Koa Ngon Nak)
Krabi is proud of its rich coral reefs and vibrant marine life – divers flock from around the world to glimpse sharks, turtles, dolphins and a myriad of tropical fish. Snorkeling, fishing and sailing are popular activities whilst the Krabi landscape is perfect for rock climbing, trekking and hiking. Thai boxing is great entertainment and watching a live fight with the locals is highly recommended. If you fancy something more sedate then why not throw on your apron and try some Thai Cookery classes or enjoy a blissful massage while relaxing on the beach.
Other Attractions